On May 1st 2020, Cobb Childcare & Preschool will resume caring for the children of essential workers under the authority of the State of Oregon Early Learning Division and have secured an emergency license to operate our childcare and preschool. The State of Oregon has not defined essential businesses, nor essential workers. We do not hold the burden of determining whether an individual is considered essential or not. However, we ask families to abide by the guidelines set forth by the Department of Early Learning in order to allow us to care for the children of the most critically necessary workers. The list can be found HERE.

ALL current families must complete the childcare needs survey in order to build our class list & offer any available spots to the community at large.

As a balance to the needs of our families, equitable access for those in need, and maintaining financial solvency, Cobb Childcare and Preschool is offering three options for families in the month of May and June 2020, assuming we will be back to “business as usual” in the month of July, but will adapt if the situation warrants:

Option 1) Children of essential workers can enroll with full tuition

Option 2) We will hold your child’s previous spot with a $100/month holding fee per child

Option 3) Parents may disenroll their child/ren and join the waitlist to reenroll at a future date (note: each classroom currently has a 9-18 month waitlist).

Families who do not complete the survey will be charged regular tuition for the month of May 2020. Failure to pay tuition by May 5th will result in disenrollment of the child.


Our previous restrictions remain in place:

  • Children will be dropped off in the lobby, and temperature checked before admission. We ask families to please wait outside if there is a family dropping off in the lobby. If need be, we will designate waiting spaces outside with 6-foot markers.
  • Classrooms are limited to 10 total children per classroom, and will not merge with other classrooms during COVID-19. To accomplish this for our teacher’s working schedules, our hours will temporarily change to 7:30 am- 5:30 pm based on our Previous COVID Needs Assessment
  • Per the Oregon Department of Early Learning best practices during the outbreak, we will provide individual meals for children, rather than the family-style meals we normally provide. We are working hard to determine which meals will continue to qualify for reimbursement under the food program. If this proves too difficult, we will ask families to begin bringing meals from home while we are operating under our emergency license.
  • The CDC does not require face masks for children or child care workers. However, masks will be optional for our staff and required along with gloves for those who are temp checking.
  • Hand Sanitizer: along with our ramped up environmental sanitizing and disinfecting, we will also have hand sanitizer for children and teachers to use in between washings. Hand sanitizer will be kept out of reach of children when not used under supervision.

Our COVID procedures can also be found below:

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