We appreciate your interest in our childcare services! We understand the high demand for quality childcare in our community, and we're committed to assisting as many families as possible. Despite the current number of children on our waitlist, we encourage you to join us. Upon enrollment, your child will be placed on the appropriate waitlist based on their birthday. Please follow the provided instructions, and rest assured, we're dedicated to supporting every family's needs.

Cobb Childcare and Preschool follows a yearly calendar, running from September 1st to August 31st. Children typically remain with their cohorts from September 1st to May 30th, and openings during this period are rare unless a family leaves our care. However, we still encourage families to join our waitlist. Upon joining, you’ll receive a URL to check your position on the list and get an idea of the timeframe.

Our enrollment process is divided into steps to secure your child’s spot when an opening arises. Upon joining the waitlist, you’ll receive a URL for direct access to check your position, which we recommend saving for future reference. Our system will also send occasional emails to confirm your continued interest in an opening. You can remove your family from the waitlist at any time.

Step 1: Add Your Family to the Waitlist

The first step is to add your family to the waitlist. Please let us know what your needs are and your preferred schedule!

Step 2: The Enrollment Offer & Facility Tour

When an opening arises, we will contact the family by email and coordinate a time to do a facility tour & meet the teachers. We like to have families tour our facility, learned about our pedagogy and are confident that Cobb is the right choice for their family. Due to the high demand of our waitlist, families will have a limited amount of time to accept their spot.

Step 3: Transition into Care

This step looks different for each family, but once the registration fee is paid and a start date is set, we invite families to work with our Director to determine a transition that works best for your family!