Emergent Approach

Research-based & child-centered approach to educating the whole child & nurturing their interests.

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Project and Play Based

Meaningful and immersive learning experiences that develop a foundation for a lifetime of learning success.

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Development of the Whole Child

Children are natural scientists, inventors, and explorers. We build on their natural interests to make learning meaningful, authentic and fun!

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Our Curriculum

Cobb Childcare and Preschool is an emergent program and responds to each child’s interests. Our practice is open-ended and self-directed, depending on teacher initiative and intrinsic motivation, lending itself to a play-based environment.
An emergent approach emerges from the children, but not only from the children. Our curriculum emerges from the play of children and the play of teachers and is both rigorous and authentically child-led.

Infant Care

Discover how purposeful play fosters Early Education.


Learn how our program for toddlers supports their newfound independence, language and social skills! 


Our preschool program supports independent and small-group activities that encourage investigation, inquiry and exploration.


Pre-Kindergarten is a time for creative, hands-on project-based learning and community connections., supporting literacy, mathemtical reasoning and scientific investigation.


Our center features our very own Atelier, or art & clay studio for children to express their selves artistically through multiple mediums, using the language of art, building critical connections through creative thinking experiences.


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