Childcare Solutions for Businesses

More than 60% of families struggle to find high-quality care for their children. In a competitive market, why not improve your recruitment and retention efforts with a childcare business partnership?

Enhance Your Organization's Talent Goals

The advantages of employer secured child care are plentiful!

If your organization is thinking about ways to improve your talent pipeline, reduce turnover and improve employee morale, consider partnering with Cobb Children’s Learning Center as a piece fo your recruitment and retention strategy.

The desire for work/life balance continues to grow, while Douglas County continues to face a child care crisis. Currently, there is one available opening for every three children in Douglas County, leaving many parents struggling to find high-quality care before returning to work. A business partnership with Cobb Childcare & Preschool allows employers to offer a direct, tangible reward to their valued workforce; reducing stress and improving employee morale.

Peace of Mind

A business partnership with CCLC ensures your employees have high-quality care for their children, so they can do their best work while onsite. A U.S. General Services Administration study determined that fifty-five percent of workers who were offered a child care option expressed that they were better able to concentrate at work and forty-eight percent were more likely to stay, while three-fourths believed it has improved their job performance.

Improved Retention

Recruitment & Retention

A study conducted by Simmons College Graduate School of Management found that ninety-three percent of parents consider availability of child care as an important factor in job change, and that forty two percent of all employees surveyed said that the availability of employer child care was a significant factor in choosing their current employer.

Importance for Employees