Parent-Teacher Communication

At Cobb Childcare & Preschool, we know that communication is an essential component of the school experience for families. We challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations by continuously communicating your child’s experience with us.

Photo Board Documentation

Teachers use documentation panels outside each classroom to provide visual evidence of the learning process. These panels act as an important communication resource for parents, showcasing the content of the lesson plan in a visual manner. As our projects are fluid and ever-changing based on the interests of the children, these change often.

Daily Highlights

Daily Highlights happen through BrightWheel, our daily communication platform. They provide a general overview of the activities and educational experiences taking place in your child’s classroom, and often come with pictures or video of your child to further document their experience at school. Sometimes, the information is specific to the individual child, and sometimes it keeps you informed regarding the daily pursuits of the group as a whole.

Lesson Plans

Teachers plan our emergent approach by creating and updating forecasts (lesson plans) on an ongoign basis. Forecasts are posted in each classroom, so information is readily available regarding how and what children are learning. You will find specifics for the day on the chalkboards outside of each classroom. Teachers document and reflect on the observations of children’s interests, combining those interests with the curricular goals of the program; this is where the emergent curriculum comes to life! Once the project topic is confirmed,  teachers begin “webbing” or creating a visual representation of student interest. The forecast will includes planned activities for the classroom to deliver a full curriculum that includes  science, early math,  language development, literacy, art, music and dramatic play.

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