Cobb Childcare & Preschool Parent Group

The Cobb Childcare & Preschool Parent Group is an impressive group of parents who encourages every parent to get involved throughout the year by volunteering. The purpose of the parent group is to enhance and support the early education experience at Cobb, nurturing a direct connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement, and improving the environment and facilities at Cobb through volunteer and financial support.  The parent group hosts several creative fundraisers throughout the year to support these activities. Your involvement in the Parent Group is a wonderful way to get connected to the school and to make lasting friendships with other Cobb families.

Ready to Get Involved?!?!

If you are interested in joining the parent group, please submit your interest using the form below! Each parent group member is expected to give the group one school year’s commitment as a member. Commitment varies depending on the activities and events coordinated by the parent group and could range from 1-5 hours per month of in-person volunteer time. The Parent Group President commits approximately 5-10 hours per month of volunteer time.

The parent group is represented by the Parent Group President, who is required to hold an active seat on our Board of Directors and attend all board meetings in addition to parent group coordination and oversight.