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Roseburg, Oregon (11.18.19) — Cobb Children’s Learning Center has received a $10,000 grant from the C. Giles Hunt Charitable Foundation to support its subsidized care program at Cobb Childcare and Preschool.

Jessica Gaul, executive director of Cobb Children’s Learning Center, said the funds would be used to offset the $35,000 annual deficit to run the program, which allows Douglas County families to access high quality care and education through its preschool and childcare programs.

“Without the support of grants such as these, we would be unable to offer services to our neediest of families,” executive director Gaul said. “Research tells us the first five years in a child’s life are particularly important for brain development; high quality early care and education are important components to offsetting trauma, toxic stress and adversity often associated with a lack of resources in low income families. Our subsidized care program is a critical resource for many Douglas County families.”

About Cobb Children’s Learning Center

Cobb Children’s Learning Center was started as Cobb Street Children’s Learning Center on Cobb Street, in 1994 by Sister Jeanita Richter to meet the growing demand for childcare services in Roseburg, Oregon. Today, the Organization is known as Cobb Children’s Learning Center, and operates the Cobb Childcare & Preschool located on Walnut Street in Roseburg, serving Douglas County children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. For more information about Cobb Children’s Learning Center, or the Cobb Childcare and Preschool, call 541-957-1008 or visit

About the C Giles Hunt Charitable Foundation

Giles Hunt was born December 28, 1883, the youngest son of three children of Jeptha and Nancy Hunt, who came to the Fair Oaks area near Sutherlin in Douglas County, Oregon from Indiana in 1870. They settled on what was the old Hoskins Donation Land Claim. Reports indicate that Jeptha Hunt traveled a great deal and reportedly made his fortune in construction and gold mining in California.The three Hunt children lived their entire lives in Douglas County, Oregon and none of them ever married. In 1905 Giles and his brother bought the old Prairie Kilburn ranch where Gassy Creek meets Calapooya Creek in Douglas County. In addition to the three thousand acres there, the Hunt estate also included three hundred acres near Oakland which was owned by Giles’ sister. The two brothers operated the ranch as a partnership raising sheep until coyotes discouraged that, and in later years, running a few cattle. In addition to their sheep, the Hunt brothers supplemented their income by occasionally harvesting portions of the eight million board feet of timber growing on the ranch.

The two brothers lived on the ranch from 1906 until their deaths. The log house they had built together 50 years earlier was destroyed by fire in 1972. Giles lived alone in a new house, more modern, but equally modest, built on the log cabin foundation.

It’s interesting to note that for the last 45 years of his life, Mr. Hunt usually slept outdoors on his front porch. He was apparently advised many years before, after a tuberculosis scare, to get plenty of fresh air. At the time of his death, his bed was located on the unenclosed porch, covered only by blankets and a canvas tarp.

C. Giles Hunt died on July 30, 1973.