Age 22 months -36 months (ages are approximate)
Class size 10

Early Preschool

Our Early Preschool group are full of adventure and inquiry as they engage in learning and social opportunities like simple addition and subtraction and science, movement and imaginative play with props and dress-up clothes. Much of their day includes group play where they will explore their environment, make friends, learn cooperation and the art of taking turns.

Language & Literacy

  • increase their verbal expression; express needs and ideas
  • comparing and contrasting similar-sounding words with rhyming games
  • develop inquiry, asking and answering questions about stories in books, and during group activities
  • begin to identify drawing and writing as methods of communication

Social & Emotional Development

  • shift from parallel play to interacting with others through play, sharing ideas and thoughts
  • share with other children and take turns; emotional regulation
  • build an appreciation for diversity by seeing and talking about how people are the same and how they are different
  • complete activities with confidence and look for new challenges like putting on shoes, pulling up and down their pants while potty training, and building the confidence to take risks

Physical Development

  • improve running skills and start to jump and hop; learn to balance and walk backwards
  • understand and follow basic health and safety routines such as washing hands, covering mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • show increased control of hands and fingers through ample exposure to loose parts, writing utensils and clay or playdough
  • independently serve self at mealtime using tongs and pitchers; setting one’s own place setting and cleaning up

Cognitive Development

  • learn to rote count; beginning understanding that numbers are a unit of measure
  • explore simple addition and subtraction through play and projects
  • build science knowledge including the difference between day and night and different types of weather; identify how each relates to their own feelings and families
  • understand basic social studies like people‚Äôs roles within the community, classroom and the family