Investing in your Child's Education

Numerous studies over the years have demonstrated that children with access to high-quality early learning are more prepared for kindergarten. They have increased vocabulary, better language, math, and social skills, more positive relationships with classmates, and they score higher on school-readiness assessments. As these children go forward in school and life, they are less likely to need special education services or be held back a grade and are more likely to graduate. Imagine offering your child an educational environment where they can be their true self, actively participate in their own learning, and where their curiosity and love of learning are ignited and built upon. We welcome your child to join our inclusive school community and discover kindergarten readiness through a lens of investigation and emotional growth.

90% of brain growth occurs before kindergarten, yet we often don’t think about investing financially in our child’s education until we think about post-secondary education. The actual reality is that the skills and abilities employers are looking for — focus, self-discipline, motivation, and collaboration — all start to take root in the first five years of life. An investment in your child’s first five years is investing in your child’s future!

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